NDC Montenegro programme “School Mediation”, implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sport in Montenegro and financially supported by the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was officially concluded today at the Primary School “Maršal Tito“ in Ulcinj.


This programme is accredited by the Institute for Education. The programme was implemented from February to June 2011 and provided the participants with continuous education through series of topics with the aim to empower them to use mediation as the best alternative dispute resolution methodology.


Around thirty participants of the programme from Primary School “Maršal Tito“ had an opportunity to work with distinguished facilitators from Montenegro and Serbia who provided partipants with adequate tools and methodologies. The teachers/practitioners expressed interest and motivation in the programme and are strongly committed that school mediation could bring new culture and transform the ways the problems are solved within school.

On the same day, June 25th, a follow - up meeting with the first generation of mediators coming from Podgorica and Niksic was organised, in order to exchange, support and connect them the school mediation network in Montenegro. Strenghts and weaknesses related to introducing school mediation in schools, but also support and best possible ways of cooperation were discussed. The certificates were delivered to the second generation of school mediators.

The facilitators of the meeting were: Branka Kankaras, senior adviser at the Ministry of Education and Sport and Ivana Gajovic, director of NDCMN.

Thanks to the support of the Finish Ministry for Foreign Affairs we were able to implement „School Mediation“ programme, which we appreacite highly.