After meeting with students, Moon said for the press that by his visit to Mostar, the U.S. wants to give support to the citizens of this country, and continuing support for civil society and mutual ethnic relations in this country.
- The United States will continue to promote a stable, prosperous, democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the best way to achieve these goals is membership in the European Union and NATO. I am convinced that the atmosphere now is very good to be moved towards the realization of these goals. When you form a government in your country, the U.S. will continue to provide support to the political leaders in the implementation of reforms that are necessary to this country on its path towards Europe. - said Moon.

He recalled that last week's visit of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Bosnia and Herzegovina emphasizes the support that the U.S. gives BiH on the road of its democratization.
- Mrs. Clinton has prompted political leaders to initiate dialogue and to move with the reforms of the Constitution which are necessary. We are encouraged when we hear that political leaders have expressed readiness for such dialogue. - said Moon.

Within NDC Mostar project line "Two-Way Street" Mr. Moon had a chance to talk to students of Mostar which, he said, were mostly interested in terms of aspirations about the future of BiH.
- Students expect from future government to be concentrated towards the development in the economy as well as improving the education system in this country. I convinced them that the U.S. will be a positive force that will support these reforms. - said Mr. Moon, adding that his visit to Mostar will certainly not be the last because he will come back again to meet and talk with other people.