About NDC Mostar

Our vision of Future

NDC Mostar sees a future society in Mostar, Herzegovina and B&H as whole, as a society that offers equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of national, religious, political, gender, social background or affiliation, to quality and non-discriminating educational system based on respect for human rights; political environment that is democratic and open for all and to all citizens, groups and organisations; state institutions that are professional and oriented to offer best service to its beneficiaries and are capable to peacefully manage all conflicts in society by its own democratic mechanisms.

Our values

NDC Nansen Dialogue Centre Mostar sees following values as the basis of its work:

•  Religiously, ethnically, racially diverse, interethnic societies

•  Society that offers equal opportunities for all, regardless of national, religious, racial, language, political or gender affiliation

•  Equality between men and women

•  A commitment to non-violent social change

Our mission

Nansen Dialogue will, through applying the ideas and skills of dialogue, empower people who live in conflict situations to contribute to peaceful conflict transformation, and democratic development with promotion of human rights.

Nansen Dialogue is marked by the wish to provide a neutral and open space where the different actors in a serious conflict can meet face to face in truthful and honest communication. The aim is to break down enemy images, as well as to increase understanding of each other's positions, interests and needs.  Facilitators and lecturers try to stimulate the cognitive analysis of the conflict itself and the experience of “the other's” position.  The focus is not on who is right or most guilty, but on how to build respect for democratic principles, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution for future improvement of society. These principles are to be an alternative in political organisation to national chauvinism and ethnic loyalty.

The activities of NDC Mostar

Lectures, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, round tables, etc. are all activities that we plan to organise. Our activities are primarily focused on Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also on the rest of the Balkan region and wider.

We hope to cooperate with other local, regional and world organisations who share the platform for promotion of dialogue, peaceful conflict resolution and inter-ethnic cooperation respecting the principles of equality regardless of people's nationality, religious background, sex or race.

Why Nansen Dialogue Centre?

Fridtjof Nansen, whose surname our centre is called by, was a Norwegian scinetist, a diplomat, and most importantly a humanist.
More about Nansen...

How is NDC Mostar financed?

NDC Mostar is a project financially supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with Nansen Academy in Lillehammer, Norway.

Nansen network

NDC Mostar is a part of a network that consists of following Centres: Sarajevo, Banjaluka, Osijek, Beograd, Montenegro (in Podgorica), KND (Kosovan Nansen Dialogue, Priština and Mitrovica), Bujanovac and Skoplje. You can find out more about the Nansen Network at:

Our statute

You can read a copy of NDC Mostar's Statute in English language by clicking here (PDF format 108Kb).