Current projects

Balkan Trust for Democracy – a Project of German Marshall Fund

o    Grant title: Nansen Model for Integrated Education

Start: December 2016

Supporting strengthening of dialogue and reconciliation through Nansen Model for Integrated Education which aims to increase integration of education sector in divided communities in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton.

Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina

o    Grant title: Program of Integrated Education in Divided Schools

Start: January 2017

Project goal is to support integrated education in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton through fostering interethnic integration in three selected schools in Stolac and Prozor-Rama who work by the “two schools under one roof” principle.

US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

o    Grant title: Integrated Education in Divided Communities

Start: July 2016

NDC Mostar will implement Nansen Model for Integrated Education (NMIE) in 5 schools in Stolac and Prozor/Rama in order to increase interethnic integration in divided schools. Through NMIE, NDC will train teachers (implementers), develop detailed monthly and annual programs, and implement regular weekly programs for 150 pupils in 5 schools.

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

o    Grant title: Learn and Move on! 

        Start: January 2017

Project goals:
1. Empowerment of young people and supporting them in getting active in their environment/community that       is  not based on ethnic, religious or cultural background and support of diminution of prejudices against each other.
2. Support of youth participation on a local level.
3. Support of partnership and know-how transfer in the field of multicultural and integrated education between the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina