Past Projects

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

o    Grant title: Nansen Model for Integrated Education

Start: June 2015

NDC Mostar will, through this project, increase level of integration and, through a collaborative process, contribute institutional change by implementing Nansen Model for Integrated Education in Stolac and Prozor/Rama. This Model will be multiplied in the later phases.

 The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

o    Grant title: Together Against Xenophobia

 Start: January 2016

Project goals:
1.Empowerment of young people and supporting them in getting active in their environment/community that is not based on ethnical, religious or cultural background and support of diminution of prejudices among each other
2. Support of partnership and know-how knowledge in the field of multicultural and integrated education between the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  • Grant title: Education For All – Stolac, Grant number BHZ-09/014; 25 June 2009. (3-years project)
  • Grant title: Improving the educational system in Herzegovina Neretva Canton, Grant number BHZ-12/017; 29 June 2012. (3-years project)

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Grant title: Stolac for Youth, July 2014.
  • Grant title: Training for teachers on Integrated Education, September 2014.
  • Grant title: Equipping the Nansen Classroom in Stolac High-School, September 2012.

Other donors:

  • Grant title: Education for all: Support to integrations of divided schools through establishing local dialogue process; 21 March, 2013; Donor: US Embassy
  • Grant title: Intercultural education in multicultural societies; 1.1.2014.; Donor: The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Grant title: Brčko – Stolac Exchange Project; 1 April, 2010; Donor: US Embassy
  • Grant Title: Stories of Dialogue; 4 November, 2011; Donor: UK Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina