Nansen Model for Integrated Education - Open Day

It was an opportunity for these schools to meet other pupils, who are not included in the Nansen Integrated Education (NMIE) teaching, with the course content. On that occasion, pupils from Stolac elementary schools where NMIO activities were also carried out, OŠ Stolac and Prva osnovna škola  Stolac, visited  elementary schools in Prozor.

Prozor elementary schools have been running NMIE  for the second year. The first generation of pupils passed  the "Me  and Others" course, and the second  generation went to "Little Ecologists" course  for this school year. Stolac pupils dedicated their first year of NMIE to the section "Me and Others".

"Me and Others" course was the first realized course of NMIE for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that the NMIE is the first form of regular teaching that is, through the concept of extracurricular activities, jointly attended by the pupils of “two schools under one roof” twice a week. Specifically, NMIE courses are the first common courses for mixed, multi-ethnic classes. Therefore, it was very important for the students that their first attended course was the one that put emphasis on learning the skills of recognizing their own feelings and managing them in communication with others. The planned contents and thematic units were created so that students through the so-called " Experiential learning” develop a better understanding of oneself and others, and learn effective forms of behaviour. Teachers, without whom all this would not have been possible, implement NMIE activities in tandems.  In elementary schools in Prozor and Stolac there are four operating tandems, consisting of: Jasminka Vladić-Kuraja, Emina Benca, Iza Pilav, Branka Zadrić, Alisa Dželilović, Ina Eminović, Davor Puljić and Goran Bošković.

The second developed and implemented NMIE course is the course “Little Ecologists". The program of this course covers the topics such as friendship, co-operation, natural resources, recycling, healthy diet and so on, all for the purpose of educating future generations who will be the bearers of a healthy living philosophy and the guardians of natural resources of our country .

"Open Day of Nansen Model for Integrated Education" was a great opportunity for pupils and teachers to demonstrate and share the atmosphere from these joint extracurricular activities with the wider community. It was also an opportunity to connect communities, exchange experiences, socialize, and learn. Visitors had the opportunity to try out some of the activities from the "Me and Others” and the “Little Ecologists" courses i.e. making a friendship bracelet , transforming plastic bottles, old tires and other waste  into garden decorations, and gardening.

Pupils, as well as parents and teachers included in the NMIE, have merely praise for this kind of teaching that enables young people to, through their own experience, come to their own conclusions and interpretations, with the inevitable aspect of the game as the main factor influencing emotional and physical development of children.

Ivana Topić (pupil): Today I have painted tires to put flowers in them. It's really interesting to me. It is different from school. And I really like going to the course. We have fun, we paint, we draw and we make friends. I would like to continue with the course next school year. .

Asad Hadžić (pupil): I'm going to the third grade and today I'm making cats of the plastic bottles to put flowers in it. I have a lot of fun at NMIE course. We hang out together, meet new friends, and do many interesting things. I would like to continue with these activities.

Suada Beganović (parent): My daughter went to the NMIE course last year.  To me this was pretty okay. At the beginning I was sceptical since we have “two schools under one roof" and there were all kinds of stories, but in the end everything was great and I'm satisfied. These activities help establish trust and bring kids more closely.

Amir Hadžic (parent): As far as NDC Mostar is concerned, I think positively. My son is 3rd grade and he is the first time in this program. I can say nothing but the word of praise. Congratulations NDC Mostar for the effort and I hope that there will be even more of these activities in the future.

Iza Pilav (teacher, OŠ "Alija Isaković", Prozor - part of the NMIO tandem): The purpose of today's event is primarily the gathering of children. We have guests from Stolac, so today's workshop focuses on developing friendship, mutual acquaintance and environmental protection.

Slavko Bilić (principal, OŠ “ Marko Marulić”, Prozor): I am joyful today. Today we have “Open Day of Nansen Integrated Education Model”, and the guests from Stolac are here as well. We are doing a really nice project. We will jointly arrange a school yard, but first of all it is important that we spend time together. This project contributes to understanding, co-operation and exchange of experiences. I thank NDC Mostar because we are doing the right thing.

 “Open Day of Nansen Model for Integrated Education” was completed by visiting Franciscan monastery -  Šćit.

Nansen Model for Integrated Education – We play, learn and grow together.