Graduation Ceremony for the 1st and 2nd Generation of students who have successfully finished Nansen Model for Integrated Education

Stolac, 23.05.2017

Today in Stolac, elementary school pupils, who successfully completed NMIE in 2016/2017, were awarded a diploma.

Nansen Dialogue Centre (NDC) Mostar officially presented the program "Nansen Model for Integrated Education" in Osnovna škola Stolac and Prva osnovna škola Stolac


In this school year, 40 students from the two primary schools in Stolac will participate in joint extracurricular activities and thereby form a multi-ethnic classes in a divided educated system in BiH.

“Stolac for Youth" project


Young chemists of Stolac High school, together with their chemistry teachers Amela Redžić and Kristina Raspudić, have visited Aluminium factory.

Official ending of the first year of Nansen Model in Stolac High School

Mostar, 07.07.2016

Students from Stolac High school have ended the school year with the completed joint extracurricular courses “Me and Others” and “Education for Peace and Tolerance”  as part of the Nansen Model for Integrated Education. On this occasion, two interesting events have been organized - joint field trip and diploma awarding ceremony.

A series of presentations to parents in Stolac and Prozor / Rama completed


A series of presentations of Nansen Model for Integrated Education (NMIE) in Stolac High School and elementary schools "Alija Isaković" and "Marko Marulić" in Prozor/Rama is completed.

Reconstruction of IT cabinet in Stolac High School


The project of reconstruction of IT cabinet started in January this year.

The first phase of IT cabinet reconstruction is finished


After fifteen days of intensive work during the winter break, the first phase of reconstruction of IT cabinet is finished.

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