Nansen Dialogue Centre (NDC) Mostar officially presented the program "Nansen Model for Integrated Education" in Osnovna škola Stolac and Prva osnovna škola Stolac

The students will attend joint classes twice a week, along with the duration of the regular classes“, said Elvir Đuliman,  director of NDC Mostar.

NDC Mostar continues to implement the program in schools in Prozor-Rama and Stolac High School and, during this school year, around  120 students and 15 teachers will participate in this program.  The realization of the program in this school year is financially supported by the US Embassy in BiH.

On this occasion, two "Nansen classrooms", where NMIE joint axtracurricular activities will be conducted,  are officially opened. The classrooms are equipped with the financial support of the Embassy of Australia in Bosnia and Herzegovina.