About NDC Serbia

Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia

Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded as a local organisation in Belgrade in late 1999. It is one of nine Nansen Dialogue Centres in the region of former Yugoslavia working on providing a safe space for inter-group dialogue and supporting the processes of reconciliation, both in the country and the region. Nansen Dialogue Centres make the Nansen Dialogue Network in the Western Balkans. Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia is located in Belgrade but has activities in the whole region of Serbia.


NDC Serbia works on improving inter-ethnic relations by implementing educational trainings on dialogue, peaceful conflict resolution and mediation.

Nansen Dialogue is marked by the wish to provide a neutral and open space where the different actors in a conflict can meet face to face in truthful and honest communication. The aim of this is to break down enemy images, as well as to increase understanding of each other's positions, interests and needs. Facilitators and lecturers try to stimulate the cognitive analysis of the conflict itself and the experience of "the other's" position. The focus is not on who is right or guilty, but on how to build respect for democratic principles, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution in the future.

Target groups

  • Local authorities (mayors, municipal administration workers, local decision-makers, civil servants, etc)
  • Media representatives
  • Schools (teaching and administrative staff, students, pupils)
  • NGOs, CSOs, peace educators, etc.

The Nansen Dialogue Network Project is supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.