Panel at the Regional Centre for Professional Development of Educators in Niš

On 24 December 2015, Tatjana Popović, Director of Nansen Dialogue Centre Serbia, delivered a lecture on the topic: Violence Prevention in Schools - Resolution Through Dialogue.

Topics: Characteristics of dialogue process, Conflict Analysis Tools, School Mediation.

Ms Popović presented NDC Serbia's accredited professional seminar for teachers, students pedagogues and school principals in the field of dialogue and conflict resolution techniques and skills.

Education for Peace - Resolution Through Dialogue

Ms Valentina Rančić, an independent professional associate at the Regional Centre, opened the panel. Participants were teachers, pedagogues and psychologists working in primary and secondary schools in Niš - a total of 83 educators.

Through her lecture, Ms Popović explained the basic characteristics of the Nansen Dialogue approach, the methodologies used during the basic, accredited programme and the achievements so far in working with teachers and students. Panel participants were particularly interested in conflict resolution techniques, as well as in the training in the field of school mediation.

It was agreed with the Centre's associates, Ms Violeta Pančić and Valentina Rančić, that the accredited professional seminar should be included in the calendar for professional advancement of teachers in 2016.

Ms Popović also used this opportunity to present NDC Serbia and NDC Montenegro's Regional Arts Competition Peace is IN, Violence is OUT as well as the 2016 Peace Calendar which is illustrated with winning artworks by students who participated in the competition.

The competition was supported by the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.